Waste Options provides consulting and management services in the following areas:


RFP Development

With over 9 years experience reviewing and responding to RFP’s for hazardous waste management and disposal (household hazardous waste, post-disaster collection planning, and permanent facility program development), Waste Options has observed that sometimes an entity’s purchasing department develops and issues the RFP for services without having the experience factor of actual hazardous waste operations and/or a complete understanding of the industry’s pricing standards.  This can cause confusion by bidding companies and creates potential for RFP amendment or for an RFP to be withdrawn and rebid.  Waste Options review can help an entity develop an industry knowledgeable and clear proposal.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the process to define an entity’s vision for its program and the programs goals and objectives. It is a process to establish the sequence in which those goals can be met so that the program can achieve its stated vision.  Strategic Planning for hazardous waste management programs usually incorporates short-term and mid to long-term goals with a life span of one and three to five years, respectively.   Strategic Planning includes program budget development, staffing, staff training and requirements, site selection and development, operations planning and implementation. We can help with collection event, permanent facility, curbside HHW, and CESQG programs.

Public Awareness & Education

We can develop your public awareness strategies and publications.

Existing Program Operations Review

Waste Options can help existing programs review and implement improvements or corrections.

Grant Development

Waste Options has assisted numerous governmental entities with developing grant applications for funding program startups and on-going operations.  Experience is key to successful grant approval and funding.

Collection Event Management

Waste Options can help you manage your collection event, from initial planning to completion of the event and subsequent invoice review and reporting.

The Phase 1 ESA is the first step for performing environmental due diligence in real property transactions. Waste Options can perform site assessments in accordance with ASTM E1527-21 standards.

Experience History

During the course of his career, the Principal of Waste Options has assisted the following entities: City of Cedar Park, Texas; City of Lakeway, Texas; Blanco County, Texas; Burnet County, Texas; Bastrop County, Texas; City of San Marcos, Texas; St. Louis County, MO; Fayette County, Texas, Texas A&M Agri-Life Extension, to name a few.