Jack Ranney

Principal of Waste Options Southwest, LLC


Jack has over 28 years of experience in the hazardous waste field.  He worked for the Lower Colorado River Authority for 19 years, starting in 1993 as an Environmental Coordinator on the Solid Waste Project, a feasibility study helping LCRA’s electric and water customers understand the impacts of RCRA Subtitle D on their solid waste services and landfill management/practices.  

An outcome of the Solid Waste Project was the formation of the Central Texas Recycling Association (CTRA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, which promoted recycling to help meet the State’s 40% 2000 recycling goal-Jack assisted with its formation. LCRA sponsored management of CTRA during its beginning years, it eventually transitioning to the State of Texas Alliance For Recycling (STAR).

In 1996, Jack became the Program Coordinator for the LCRA’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection & Education Program, coordinating 1-day collection events in cooperation with the county governments in its 10-county statutory district.  Jack also served as LCRA’s liaison to the TNRCC’s (now Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, TCEQ) agricultural pesticide collection program.  Jack, at this same time successfully managed the “Beat The Baron Waste” education program, teaching elementary school teachers in the 10-county region, how to integrate information about proper home management of HHW it into their existing curriculums for grades 3-5.  The education program was “ground-breaking” in that it was accepted by TEA as approved program for teacher recertification education. LCRA’s HHW program was intended to be a short-term project but due to it having such a positive impact to promoting proper household hazardous waste management it’s customer communities in its 10 counties along the river requested LCRA to continue the collection program.  However, in 2008 the program transitioned to LCRA’s Economic Development department where the program discontinued collections and Jack initiated HHW strategic planning so LCRA’s customer communities throughout its electric and water service area could plan and implement their own HHW collection programs, as wanted.  In 2012, LCRA discontinued the HHW program altogether and in December of that year, Jack enjoyed an early retirement from LCRA and continued consulting a few of LCRA’s customers in their HHW program planning.

In March, 2013 Jack joined with Philip Services Corporation, Houston as its Regional Business Development HHW Account Manager, his territory covering 7 states from Kansas and Missouri down to New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana.  Jack continued in this role for 9 ½ years, through the mergers with Stericycle (Stericycle Environmental Solutions, Inc.) and Harsco Corporation (Clean Earth Environmental Solutions, Inc.).  Jack left Clean Earth in August, 2022 and formed Waste Options Southwest, LLC to provide consulting to governmental entities regarding collection planning and management, as well as agricultural pesticide collection program planning and management.

Jack is a member of the North American Hazardous Waste Management Association (NAHMMA) and serves on the NAHMMA Training Committee. Jack also serves on the Board of Directors of the The Pesticide Stewardship Alliance (TPSA) as Chairman of the Pesticide Disposal Subcommittee.  Jack also sits on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee of the Capital Area Planning Council in Texas and is a member of the Texas Association of Environmental Professionals (TAEP). Together, Jack has over 28 years of experience in the field of hazardous waste management and has assisted his customers with RFP development and providing technical assistance with program development, management, and expansion.


North American Hazardous Waste Management Association (NAHMMA)
Former Member, Board of Directors

The Pesticide Stewardship Alliance (TPSA)
Chairman of the Pesticide Disposal Subcommittee

Solid Waste Advisory Committee, Capital Area Planning Council, Texas
Solid Waste Advisory Committee

Texas Association of Environmental Professionals (TAEP)

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